Putt's law

"Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand."

Building computers is like raising kids

From Newegg user N/A comes this profound remark;

Drugs are for kids

Excuse the provocative title. Actually it is more accurate to say that recreational drugs are childish. 

Swarming ants are after water, not food.

I once heard that ants swarm into your house because they are looking for water. Sure, if they find food they will swarm that and take it home, but they really are looking for water.

Money, deflation, and human progress

The more I learn and think about economics and monetary policy, the more I see that it all comes down to people getting off their ass.
Newsweek ran an excellent story on the New York Times and it's disgraced reporter, Jayson Blair. I would like to  draw some parallels to the current world political situation. 
By Joseph Glydon   Joseph_Glydon.jpg
I wrote the first draft of this column some time ago. I would probably have let it languish in the belly of the computer had a certain late night TV news show not recently re-run the piece in question to re-incense me. 
High-dollar consultants have all kinds of planning paradigms. In my consulting business I have seen a common paradigm.  I call it the Honeymooner's strategic planning paradigm [TM].  This paradigm has four phases: