Victor and the big black bear

My brother John lives in western New Jersey.  He has a friend named Victor.  Victor is a nice Italian boy.  Victor grew up in Newark New Jersey where "the fix is always in".

Capped for oil

This artful graffiti was printed in the San Jose Mercury News around the first Gulf war, circa 1993 or so. I find that many libertarians anti-was stance is just because they are wimpy candy-asses that wouldn't even participate in a food fight much less armed conflict.

Marx loved sprawl

I was enjoying a rereading of the communist manifesto the other day when I came across plank #9.

The useless Space Shuttle

As a technical consultant kinda guy I suppose I am expected to weigh in on the Shuttle disaster.  OK, here goes:

Tom Friedman is a BS artist

NY Times columnist Tom Friedman had a 2008 article where he said we were addicted to oil. He then called for all kinds of schemes and scams, as though he were emperor of the universe.


The Russian submarine Kursk sank in 2000. The same year later Russia suffered a fire in the Ostankino Tower

The Honeymoon's Over

Several years ago [1995] I attended my first California Libertarian Party State Convention in Sacramento.  It was at this convention that the Libertarian National Party proposed and had adopted it's "Unified Membership Plan".